I am a software engineer passionate about delivering fantastic customer experiences and business objectives, creating tools to automate repetitive tasks and improve the betterment and discovery of information. 🕵🏾‍♂️

Some technologies I enjoy working with include Vue.js, Ruby on Rails, Firebase, and Jamstack (JavaScript, APIs + Markup). 👨🏾‍💻

I have been welcomed by the community of Soulection to maintain the Tracklist website in my own time. The website receives over 10,000 visits per month 👀 and the community have donated over $700 since 2018 to the website. 🙏🏾

Find me around the internet 🌍: 📚Code writings and discoveries on Dev.to 🙏🏾Help and Mentoring on CodeMentor 🖐🏾Updates and availability on LinkedIn 📸Travel Photography and in-the-moment stories on Instagram 🌱Tasty Plant-based food I eat also on Instagram ✍🏾Random ramblings and shoutouts on Twitter 👍More communication methods on my Website