Ivijan Stefan Stipić

I'm a husband, father of 4 children and professional senior web developer, coder and designer with 15 years of experience. Since 2003 I'm dealing with various internet technologies.

My skilIs are: PHP, MySQL, MSSQL, HTML5, CSS3, XML, SVG, Javascript, AJAX, jQuery and SHELL.

I have designed and developed various modular, fully dynamic, SEO optimized CMS systems for web shops, as well as social networks, blogs, forums, plugins and templates. I have implemented advanced administration systems for companies and enterprises.

WordPress is my main platform for the last 8 years where I was developing complete brand new templates and plugins by requests from my clients. Also I can speed-up any existing WordPress, integrate with other systems and give you many more.

Also, I am a expert in API integrations (REST & oAuth), social integrations, SSO, CDN, InfusionSoft, aWeber, MailChimp, Twilio and more.

As technical and responsible person, along with my work, I understand and take internet security seriously, follow best practices and strive to protect personal user data.

In my work I use psyhology, various statistics, logic and working experience to help my clients to reach their goals and get what they want and need. I'm not "monkey developer", I'm focusing on the current job, doing things efficently, clearly and precisely according to all agreements. I choose my clients carefully, never accept jobs that are illegal, unsafe and dangerous to others. That is my business policy.

I am a communicative, easy to work with, I adhere to agreements and stick to deadlines.

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