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Chuck Ocheret, Founder and CEO of ReadyPosition, is a 25+ year veteran of software engineering in the finance, multimedia, and scientific industries. He has been brought into numerous organizations to bring about massive culture change around high bandwidth computing, agile infrastructure, and software development methodologies.

Chuck has run technology, architecture, and development at tier one Hedge Funds and Investment Banks where he has held front-to-back responsibility for Algorithmic Trading, Program Trading, Index and Statistical Arbitrage, Automated Market Making, Order Management, Trade Warehouses, Research Platforms, and Client and Market Connectivity for some of the most successful and highest volume trading operations in the world.

Chuck was the original implementor of the auction systems at WR Hambrecht+Co, including OpenIPO, which was the central process for the IPO's of companies like Peet's Coffee, Overstock.COM, and Google.

Chuck was a key contributor to Morgan Stanley's A+ programming language, one of the first projects open sourced by a financial institution

Chuck holds a B.E.S. in BioMedical Engineering and a Masters in Electrical Engineering from the Johns Hopkins University. In his spare time he plays guitar, writes computer graphics software, and maintains an active black belt in Chinese Internal Martial Arts.

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