Why I code:

I enjoy learning more than any other activity. This is what initially drew me to CS and development. I'm a firm believer that nothing is too difficult to understand given the proper motivation, and mine is a deep desire to know more and experience as much as I possibly can in this short life. The latter part is what has kept me in development. My wife and I value authentic experiences over most anything else and I believe that tech and development are the tools that will allow us the greatest opportunity to experience this world's offerings.

What I love about coding:

My favorite part of coding is the endless possibilities. I love that I can start with a blank page in Notepad and end up with thousands of lines of code in PHPStorm. Or I can start with a terribly-developed application and refactor it to beautiful simplicity. I love that I can start by learning HTML/CSS and move to JavaScript, Git, Bash, Rails, Python, PHP, MySQL, and any possible combination of language technologies and tools. I love that there's an answer to anything and everything, and there's always more than one answer. I love that practicality and efficiency meets design and usability in a beautiful combination of many worlds. I love that men, women, children, people from any area of the world, from any walk of life, can learn to make the world a better place, one variable at a time.


I'm inspired by new tech companies. Every time I hear of or read about a breakthrough in a tech industry, whether renewable energy, electric vehicles, clean water, alternative/crypto currencies, global communication, free or alternative education, robotics, automation--whatever--I get so excited for our future, and for my future children's future.

Current project ideas:

  • An app curating free things for kids (restaurants with kids-eat-free days/deals, city activities, etc.)
  • A website where developers can ask for/share data structuring ideas/best practices
  • A family-management app with chores lists, activities/restaurant voting, recipe management, ancestry, etc.


Coding/professional: - Work for a startup - Work from home - Receive an award as an individual and as part of a team - Contribute to open-source projects

Personal: - Renovate and live in a bus - Retire early - Attend a black-tie masquerade

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