Vitaly Vesyolko

I have been engaged in the commercial development of large and medium-sized projects on Symfony and Laravel for more than 5 years. I give preference to projects with a high load and a developed "ecosystem". I pay great attention to high-quality, well-thought-out architecture based on the PRS, design patterns, SOLID & GRASP principles and new language functionality. I strive to develop the most extensible, reliable, fault-tolerant, flexible software. I also appreciate the microservice architecture with high cohesion and low coupling. Following these great practices makes development phenomenally fast and therefore enjoyable, and code - easy to understand. As good international practice shows, these approaches allow to avoid code duplicating, and save the code from loaded constructions. I have been studying the design of REST interfaces for a long time. Unfortunately, many APIs do not follow a single style of implementation and use the capabilities of the standards in a different way than recommended. As a result, the interface ceases to be intuitive, and this takes up additional time to study documentation and develop customized code. I am open to suggestions and ready to design a beautiful architecture for your project with adaptation to high loads. I am ready to implement all necessary backend fast enough, RESTful API and perform the necessary server work to install, configure software and deploy your platform.