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Which format is better for saving images intended for websites; PNG or SVG?
15 votes

SVG is scalable, if you have a vector-graphic that is a clear advantage. For pixel-graphics PNG is better. A downside is, that the Internet Explorer supports SVG only with the coming version 9 (before ...

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What are lossless image formats?
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10 votes

Some compression-algorithms change the image to gain a better compression-ration - that are lossy algorithms/image formats. Most notably here is JPEG. Some keep all image information, these are called ...

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What free/open source image design programs can you recommend?
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What is the difference between CMYK and RGB? Are there other color spaces I should know?
4 votes

RGB is an additive color space. If you mix the three base colors (red, green and blue) you get white. That is the model monitors use, if the red light and the green light and the blue light is mixed, ...

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What web graphics formats to use?
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As most pointed out, JPEG is good for photography and PNG good for graphics with texts and graphs. GIF has the only advantage, that it supports animation, that should be used very careful. A good tip ...

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