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I run an IT company, V Devs, based on Tanur, India. We have an awesome team of designers and developers. We undertake all kind of works including Website, Web Development, Mobile Application Development, Software Development, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Bulk Email & SMS, Branding and so on.


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ഇദം ന മമഃ രാഷ്ട്രായ സ്വാഹ

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2TB Segate HDD @ 4K

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"Die young, and I shall accept your death-but not if you have lived without glory, without being useful to your country, without leaving a trace of your existence: for that is not to have lived at all" - Napoleon Bonaparte

Front End Developer focusing on Angular CLI, Bootstrap, CSS and JavaScript along with jQuery.

I am here in SO for atleast 10 to 11 hours per day, reading, reviewing, closing, editing, voting answering and chatting

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