I am trying to create a digital portfolio of my work that I can email to employers. I want the images to be high resolution so my work is not viewed blurry and you can see some of the details in the projects.

However, I want to include some interactive elements such as app animations and website animations in the portfolio that will play as you get to those pages in the PDF.

I have created many versions successfully, however the file sizes are 60-80mb. Too large to email. I have gotten the file size under 5 mb but with very blurry images.

Can anyone advise me on how to achieve 49 pages of quality res images with some added interactivity with a file size at least 5-10mb.

  • I don't have to make a full answer here but if you're using a lot of svg elements it should keep the file size down. Commented May 11, 2018 at 17:05

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The best solution is uploading your PDF file to an online publisher platform like Kalameo, Issuu or Publitas*. With this you can upload your 80mb HR file, forget about optimizing, get a good image quality online PDF and send the link to your clients. They have a free version with limited, but enough features.

In my opinion the best one is Publitas:

  • Extremely clean interface
  • PDF viewer with no advertising except Publitas logo
  • Allows you to include links or hotspots as is called on the application
  • The possibility to replace the PDF keeping the same link, a good feature for updating your portfolio
  • The feedback support with Publitas is immediate
  • Responsive

Try the three platforms and keep the one that better fits you. Those are the links:




Here a top five of publishing platforms. I have no opinion because I don't know them.

*Checking Publitas's web, I'm not sure if they change the pricing plan because the free plan is not anymore there. Maybe they keep being free for old customers.

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    Seems like a good option, thanks for the advice.
    – Derek Gold
    Commented May 14, 2018 at 21:58

You could add "World peace" to your PDF... No... You can not have it all in life.

Let's see your raw numbers.

49 pages... 50 pages I am lazy with math. 5Mb That is 10 images per Mb or 100kb each.

Do your images look good using 100kb per image at the desired size? (Note I say size, and not the all mighty poorly understand term "resolution")

And by size, I mean specifically a MAXIMUM size of 1920x1080 px. and specifically using JPG compression... Then yes.

But if you say "High resolution" without understanding what high resolution is, just because one button say so, unless you have a vector format illustration, no. You cant.

You should not think of a jpg image to be zoomed to see infinite ammount of details. If that were the case, a PORTRAIT of a person at some point could look like this:

You need to stop at 100% image. That is your starting and ending point.

To achieve the smallest file size maximizing quality.

  • Setup your images at 100% in pixels.

  • Use vector images if you can.

  • Leave text as text, do not vectorize it.

  • Use RGB images, not CMYK.

  • Reduce the image. Probably add a frame, put them in a different layout.

  • Use the JPG compression you are comfortable with.

  • Reduce the number of pages.

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    I'll work on the World Peace and let you know when I figure that out. Thanks for the advice.
    – Derek Gold
    Commented May 14, 2018 at 22:02
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    Upvoted for using my photo as an example. Even zoomed I recognised it! Commented Apr 29, 2021 at 12:53

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