How do I export a logo in both CMYK and RGB in Affinity Design, provided that the Logo design starts with a template that is in CMYK? I mean when I start a new file, it asks me to choose the colour profile.


I'm not an Affinity Design user, however in most image editors when you export there are options to change the colour mode for output, during export.

The Affinity Design help site under Exporting, within in the Export Options Panel section, under the General subheading, refers to the option for changing colour mode.

General settings

The following settings are available in the panel:

Mode—with Selection enabled, the export options can be modified for the selected export area to be different from the default export option settings; Defaults, when enabled, sets the default export options for new slices.

Preset—sets predefined export options for a range of common file formats, color modes, and bit depths. Select from the pop-up menu.

File format—sets the graphics format for the exported image. Select from the pop-up menu.

Resampler—select which resampling method (see note below) to use for the export.

Embed metadata—when selected, any raster image's original metadata is preserved in the exported file. If this option is off, all original metadata is removed.


Start a new RGB document and copy your layers to there via the clipboard. Select all, copy, goto the new empty RGB drawing and paste.


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