I want to crop same portion, say rectangular areas from multiple image files which are located at same place in all files. Is there anyway to do it in GIMP? and I also have to do it regularly. Can I save a template for this action.

I've read this .I don't know if it is the same problem or not

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There is a Batch Image Manipulation Plugin (BIMP) for GIMP which could be used to make crops to every image in a folder. However, it has limitations on positioning of the crop, e.g. centre, top left, bottom right, etc. You can find it here. I have no link or affiliation with the developer, and I don't know how to install it on Linux, although I found a link here which might be useful.

If you need to set a custom positioned crop, then perhaps have a look at using ImageMagick (which is free). There's a tutorial on batch cropping here. I have no link or affiliation with that website.

In case of link rot, the example ImageMagick command given in that tutorial is

mogrify -crop 300x300+150+150 -path ./cropped *.png

This would crop all PNG images contained in a folder to x=300px by y=300px at position x=150px, y=150px and save the results in a folder named "cropped".

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