I have been playing around a bit with logo design as of late, and I'm curious if anyone has any suggestions or can recommend approaches for defining the sizing of a logomark when juxtaposed with corresponding logotype in a horizontal layout? (See a diagram below.) This is more of a design theory/principle-type question related to ratios and proportions and I'm curious, for example, how might one apply the golden ratio in this context or perhaps a ratio more intrinsically related to the specific composition of the logo itself? I'm interested in any sort of feedback from folks who spend time with logo design, and what might typically inform these kinds of decisions for you (in no way limited to the golden ratio.) Thanks for any insight here!

Logomark/logotype proportions diagram

  • Is A really a circle? If not, there's pretty much no very standard way – Zach Saucier Feb 23 at 2:21
  • @ZachSaucier In my current case, A (the logomark) is indeed a circle- how would that impact your own decision making with sizing relative to the logotype? – nickpish Feb 23 at 3:29
  • 4
    It's mostly an optical thing. Without seeing actual artwork it's difficult to provide anything. I mean that circle could be heavy and overwhelming.. or it could be wispy and light... so... – Scott Feb 23 at 5:11
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    I think the Golden Ratio, while it works in some contexts, is not suitable for something like this. Getting the right balance between a logo and text is subjective. I don't think you should follow some rule or formula for this. It's dependent on what the logo actually is and the length of the word, font and weight choice, etc. There are just too many variables. I'd suggest you adjust it until it looks pleasing to you. – Billy Kerr Feb 23 at 11:08
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    Relevant – Zach Saucier Feb 23 at 13:33

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