My pages in Indesign are somehow complex that they look like:

  • A3 - 66


  • A: chapter letter
  • 3: sub-chapter number (restarts it's numbering everytime the chapter letter changes)
  • 66: page number within the chapter and sub-chapter (this means that it restarts the numbering every time a sub-chapter changes)

The problem is that when the TOC is generated the pages will be 1, 2, 3, 4 instead of A3 - 1, A3 - 2, A3 - 3.

Why has been chosen this way of numbering:

  • If we update a sub-chapter everywhere in the book we can print the sub-chapter and send to all of the customers and they have their book updated without any kind of inconsistencies.

Under "Numbering and Section Options," you want your Page Numbering to have a Section Prefix (A, or A3, or A3-, for example), and then check the box which says "Include Prefix When Numbering Pages."

So page 66 will show up on the page and in the TOC as A3-66.

  • well, we didn't use the prefix, we used 2 variables which are a running-character-style type of variable... – Totty.js Apr 4 '13 at 13:37

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