I have an EPS file containing a load of icons. Is there any way I can export each individual shape in the file to a PNG? It's difficult to work with a number of EPS files because I don't see thumbnails in explorer. I have both Illustrator and Photoshop.

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You could technically open EPS files with Photoshop, but this would rasterize the graphics. Because of this, Illustrator is a better option.

If your image has the icons sorted in a grid, you could just draw slices and export them that way.

Using Slices

There are a few ways to create slices from elements:

  • Select one or more objects on the artboard, and choose Object > Slice > Make.

  • Select the Slice tool and drag over the area where you want to create a slice. Shift-drag to constrain the slice to a square. Alt‑drag (Windows) or Option-drag (Mac OS) to draw from the center.

  • Select one or more objects on the artboard, and choose Object > Slice > Create From Selection.

  • Place guides where you want to slice the artwork, and choose Object > Slice > Create From Guides.

  • Select an existing slice, and choose Object > Slice > Duplicate Slice.

Then you just need to save the result as PNG using Save For Web & Devices.

(Source: Adobe Help)

Using Layers and Scripts

You could also use a script like this one: Export Illustrator Layers as PNGs.

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