Warranty Rewards logo

I’m having a hard time identifying this serif typeface used for Rewards in the above logo a client presented to me. They also have no recollection to what the name of the typeface is.

I’ve tried multiple resources including What The Font and my own collection of typefaces. But no luck. The closest I can relate the typeface to is Fairplay Display because of the ear on the letter r. But besides that, all that I can tell is that Rewards contains both a serif and sans-Serif collection of faces, due to the letters a and e being san-serif like.

I can also assume that this is a really bad script typeface found on Font Squirrel. But, I couldn’t find anything there either.


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It is Century Schoolbook Bold Italic (mine's just distorted cause I didn't scale proportionally)

enter image description here


Try New Century Schoolbook Bold Italic with -40 tracking - Very close a little bit of fiddling with kerning and no body will know the difference!


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