I make images for an online retail site and I've made several actions to make it go faster. I have an action that automatically saves multiple files for web using generic filenames such as "tee_XXX_Detail240x600". This action works great, but I must manually re-name these by replacing the "XXX" with the title of the design. It takes some time to do this, of course.
Is there a way to make an action or script that uses text from the clipboard to name the file? I tried recording the action while pasting the filename from the clipboard into the save box, but it didn't record it as I thought it might.

Thanks for your help.


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You can probably use the export script to do what you want, but from your use-case I would judge that mass-renaming is better suited for you. Because renaming, even complex exchange of words, can be automated, for example with app like NameChanger.

Examples from the website:

Replace First Occurrence

Replace Last Occurrence

Replace All Occurrences






Character Removal

Regular Expression


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