I've already created a design for an iOS application using Adobe Illustrator default font (Myriad Pro). Can I use this font in development too? (Create an app as a product). As far as I searched, I think that I can not use it because there is no license for that. In this case, are there any alternatives that can be used instead of Myriad Pro ?


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Myriad Pro is an Adobe font, it looks like you can purchase the license for a good price if you only used a few weight variations. There are a few options if your stuck wanting this font:


Otherwise this post has some ideas for alternatives etc.:

Web Safe Alternative to Myriad Pro Font?


you probably won't ,like my answer if you are a designer, but ;)

Arial it is a font close to myriad pro. Have work on replacement for myriad pro just some time ago and finish paying adobe typekit to be able to do what ever i want with myriad pro. But as a said Arial it is close on a lot of letters.

Best luck

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