A slightly related question deals with exporting all placed files into a single folder. My problem is unfortunately deeper:

The original author directly pasted screenshots into the InDesign document, so they don't even show up in the links panel. I can manually select each image and use File -> Export to export it as jpg or png. But what I want are the following things:

  • no transcoding, i.e. the raw image data shall be exported in whatever format was pasted (bmp I guess)
  • the pasted image shall be replaced by a regular placed object
  • I don't want to do this manually for all the hundreds of images

So unless InDesign does provide means to achieve this via the UI (which I failed to find) I will probably need a script to do the dirty work for me. Has anyone already done something like this?

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Hooray, as this answer states:

With InDesign, generally the reason an image is not displayed in the Links panel is because it has been pasted into InDesign.

The script available at the page below will extract pasted (and embedded) images. See here: http://www.kahrel.plus.com/indesign/unembed_images.html

It was created by Peter Kahrel.

And, in case running scripts is unfamiliar, he also explains how to install and run scripts.

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