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Change colour of an image

I would like to change the colour of the following image (from grey) to red, does anyone know if it is possible to do this with Mac Preview? I couldn't find out how to do it. Otherwise, is it possible ...
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Reformatting dimensions of PDF to inches/centimeters in Apple Preview

I have a deadline for a project and I feel inept and defeated because of how small my obstacle seems. I was given the following guidelines for the project: "We need twice the contributions. Next ...
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1 answer

Adding background then erasing in OS X preview

In this time of staying at home, we are playing an old school D&D game using Zoom. I have a PDF of a map that I would like to selectively reveal over screenshare (without saving the colour overlay ...
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How to "decompile" a picture in pdf

I’m trying to prepare the materials for an open laptop examination. The notes are given in pdf and the key factor to doing well is navigation skills. I’m on a mac and I’m usually viewing these slides ...
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