Not finding Windows Photo Viewer sufficient enough, I'm coding my own image viewer.

I'll be adding buttons which will perform the following functions:

  • actual size (no zoom)
  • fit screen (fit the greater side (w or h) inside screen)
  • fill screen (fit the lesser side (w or h) inside screen)
  • full screen

I need icon designs for these buttons. Full Screen icons are common and usually similar to this:

a screenshot from my app

enter image description here

What I'm wondering is what kind of design can be used to represent other zoom modes: actual size, fit screen, and fill screen?

Photoshop has these buttons, but they have texts inside of them. I rather use icons.

enter image description here

Do you know any software that uses icons for these modes? If there are not any common/formal icon designs for these, what are your suggestions?

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Adobe Acrobat has a good solution I like with icons that are easy to understand, and when you hover over them, there is a text that clearly states what it does. This allows the text to be longer than on a button.

Acrobat buttons

Small tip: I noticed that the stroke width in your example is quite thin. Such low contrast can make it hard for some to see what it is, or distinguish from related icons.

  • I've added the appropriate Tool Tips to the buttons in case icons seem ambiguous. Since I build this application for personal use, initially at least, icon sizes are not so important. But I might consider making them larger when I make the app public.
    – akinuri
    Oct 19, 2017 at 12:47

I've decided to make my own, and I'll use them until I can find something better.

enter image description here

Also, if anyone is interested in the icons, I can share them.

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