Is there a way to download/export the svg under:

<span class="connect-device-list-item__connect-icon spoticon-spotify-connect-16"></span>

from https://open.spotify.com ?

enter image description here

Where I should look to find the SVG code? In a linked file?

I've tried to search in this file liked in the head of the page: https://open.scdn.co/static/web-player.981ff160.css but there are only css color tags like "{color:#404040}".

How I should locate a SVG on a website like this?
I've tried two bookmarklets and they don't work on the page.
Also tried a chrome extension but it doesn't "grab" that svg. Only the logo, a few more svgs.

This is the inspect element: enter image description here

  • its most probably not an SVG so you can not download a SVG. It is most likely a font.
    – joojaa
    Dec 23, 2017 at 10:35

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That's not an SVG, it is an icon font (which is in reality, the same as any other font).

The content: "\F1A3" CSS rule shows us the codepoint of the character in the font itself and font-family: glue1-spoticon; gives us the name of the font.

You'll find the font in the "Application" tab of Chrome's Developer Tools, or you can find a @font-face rule somewhere in the CSS (which may or may not be the same CSS file the icon is used in), that defines a font called glue1-spoticon; where you'll find the URLs (probably in a few different formats) of the font.

...With all of that said, the font is likely (not that I've checked) a proprietary font that you don't have the rights to use. Just because you can download something, don't assume you have the right to use it yourself.

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