The file format Open-SPX is a 3d image format developed by interzart around 2000, and released open source with the GPL. I've got some images in that format, which I want to import into a more modern editing program, but I can't find anything that can open/covert them. I've tried searching online, but it looks like interzart is gone, and I couldn't find any evidence of SPX files.

I'm looking for either a way to convert them to a modern format, or source code or documentation showing how I can write something that can read them.


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Legacy formats and software is always a crapshoot, I've found a few leads that might help you.

From an article back in the 2000s "A plug-in for 3D-Studio MAX that allows importing and exporting SPX data into and out of 3D Studio" Maybe try and hunting that down?

This legacy software might work for you

Or some of these might.

It looks the the German company that originally developed it changed from Interzart to Scanbull Software around 2006 but I can't seem to find any other information about them.

Their software was 3D Editor Marlin, so unless you get extremely lucky on ebay you might be out of luck.

This git repository of old software has several versions of Dimension 3D-Systems GmbH - Open SPX Plugin which might help.

This was all the information I could find with limited research time, hope it helps!


I might have found a legacy webplugin that could be of use! See if this helps!

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