I'd like to recreate this Man Utd match poster in Illustrator CC 2018.

I am stuck while creating the grey form used in the background, behind the blue and red circles. How do I make this shape?

Man Utd poster

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My method:

Draw the desired objects and make a pattern brush.

Draw a circle and apply that brush.

Play with the space % in the Pattern Brush Options panel.

See the iamge below:

enter image description here


Sometimes a shape's negative is easier to make than the shape itself.

  1. Draw a white cirle;
  2. Draw a white, vertical line with its midpoint on the circle's; make it extend both its ends beyond the edge of your canvas;
  3. Adjust the line's width to taste;
  4. With your line still selected, choose the 'Rotate' tool, hotkey R;
  5. Alt/Option+click on the line's midpoint to open up a dialogue box;
  6. Choose 10° as the increment and click Copy rather than OK;
  7. Choose 'Object' > 'Transform' > 'Transform Again' (Ctrl/Cmd+D) seventeen times;
  8. Group and expand or unite as desired.

One approach could be using a dashed stroke:

  1. create a circle
  2. add a very large stroke and remove the fill
  3. in the stroke options, change the stroke to align outside
  4. select Dashed Line, and add a bigger value for Dash and a smaller for Gap (for example, in a 100x100px circle I used 150pt stroke, Dash 10pt / Gap 6pt)
  5. adjust the dash/gap size to fit your design

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