I am having an issue exporting an SVG with multiple layers. When I export the SVG, a ton of white space is being added above and below the actual image. I selected all the objects on the artboard and went to object>artboards>fit to selected art and in Illustrator it looks fine(no unwanted white space) but as soon as I export it I am getting a ton of white-space added. How can I export as SVG so that there isn't any space added above and below the image?

EDIT: When I deselect everything and choose object>artboards>fit to artwork bounds it appears to add in the white space I am seeing in the final SVG. How can I crop the artwork bounds?

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    If there's a clipping mask, fitting to artwork bounds will take as limits the mask content. Is there any clipping mask in the file?
    – user120647
    Sep 11, 2018 at 21:32

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It sounds like you have art beyond the artboard inside a clipping mask.

When exporting make sure that you have Use Artboards checked.

enter image description here


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