I am creating gif banner animations with GIMP and I have a product animation ready. How could I apply a layer on top of all layers of the animation? The layer would have some image and some text, if it matters.

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See theinterleave-layers script in title mode.

The script requires the added layer have the same size as the layers used in the animation. To do so, on the title image:

  • Use Image>Canvas size to give the title image the same size as the frames
  • In that dialog you can position your title (easy for corners and center)
  • Once the canvas is enlarged, you can still position the title layer in it
  • Once done use Layer>Layer to image size to give the layer the size of the canvas.

Another method is to:

  • In the animation image, add the title as a layer:
    • drag it from another image,
    • copy/paste from another image
    • load it from file using File>Open as layers
  • Position it
  • Use Layer>Layer to image size to give it the same size as the others
  • Make it not visible so that it isn't included in the animation
  • Tried that but the image has different size. Maybe I do not know how to use that, yet. I tried adding it on top of the animation and used the method you describe. What am I missing? Maybe a bulk watermark could do the same?
    – lion
    Mar 13, 2019 at 13:52
  • See edited answer
    – xenoid
    Mar 13, 2019 at 14:02

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