I made a color group of black and white objects. But it shows 3 different blacks and 1 gray and 1 white color in the swatch. How can I isolate or find/see those specific colours that are unwanted in my document? Or how can I delete/remove a specific color from an object? If the color is not to be seen?

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With nothing selected in the artwork....

  • Highlight a swatch in the Swatch Panel
  • Choose Select > Same > Fill Color from the menu
  • The objects using that swatch for that fill color will become selected
  • Merely click the swatch you want to use to replace that color
  • Do the same again, de-select all, click the bad swatch... but this time choose Select > Same > Stroke Color to find strokes using that swatch

Note I suggest using Fill Color and then Stroke Color rather than Fill & Stroke Color because this will better target the color use. If you have objects with varying fills, but the same stroke color, Fill & Stroke Color won't pick up those objects. By specifically targeting the fill color, then the stroke color, you ensure you get all uses of that swatch color.


In addition to Scott's answer:

We can change the colors using the Recolor Artwork panel.

This will change the fill and stroke at the same time.

enter image description here

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