How can I apply a transformation to a shape in Sketch, so that on export it actually changes the SVG coordinate values instead of just applying the transformation with a transform-property?

I made an arrow like such, you can see the rotation value in the image. I want to get rid of the rotation value (90 deg) and still keep the arrow pointing downwards.

How can I accomplish this?

enter image description here

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I don't know any trick to do it inside Sketch (without any plugin). If someone has a better reply, I'll delete mine.

What you can try is to use SVGO.

Here's the Sketch plugin.

Here's a Web GUI if you want to try it without installing the package.

I tried with an arrow downloaded from flaticon, and it removed the 90° rotation I applied. Those two parameters seem interesting : convertPathData and convertTransform.

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@Johan Dahl

Select the arrow shape and then go to Layer > Combine > Flatten.

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