I need to know what are the essential things that one web designer must have on his/her portfolios or things that really make a difference...the following is what i think is a good starting point. but would like to get confirmation and further tips and examples of professional portfolio also some general idea of new trends that are in for portfolios.

  • I know it should show some focus toward certain niche.
  • Have best examples and not like 50 pieces.
  • Blog to show off other skills, and that he/she is keeping up with trends.
  • Site Works on tablets.
  • Look very well designed, especially if you are a designer.
  • Give example of workflow and results.
  • Preferably has worked out with one or two clients who have gotten great results.
  • A way to quickly engage and get response.
  • An outlet to network with other designers/developers.
  • List of other designers/developers that you recommend and that they recommend you back.

what else?

  • Keeping things simple is probably the best option. The things you can't do without are: contact details and work your proud of. That's it.
    – wrossmck
    Dec 5, 2013 at 22:44

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I would personally keep it clean and simple. I know this won't help much, but nineliondesign is a perfect example of a good looking modern protfolio. He is like my idol in the web- and graphicdesign industry

Nine Lion Design

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