I am trying to switch to Houdini from XSI.

In XSI I could do something called symmetric modeling. Cut an object by half, and mirror it. And edit just the source half, then I get exactly same result on both sides automatically mirrored without any concern.

I tried to do this with Modify - Mirror, but it seems the mirrored object is disconnected from source object, so editing on source object won't be applied on the mirrored object automatically.

How can I make it to be applied automatically?

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See here. Full tutorial.


Also here.


  1. mirror faces rather than an object.
  2. select current editing node.
  3. check template node if you want to see live preview of finally mirrored model.

I don't know yet how to see template node look shaded.


on the mirror options, the consolidate distance set it to 0.01


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