I have been infatuated with this artist style of color, drawing and use of subtle textures.

http://1212m.tumblr.com/post/49348782338 Look n'feel of what I'm trying to accomplish

So I ended up drawing this derpy little thing from Final Fantasy using the pen tool in illustrator and converting it to a live paint object.
Stage 1

Ok! Making some progress here. The one issue I'm having is using the gradient illustrator with the live paint tool. I set the angle to 95 and no matter what it goes left to right as if the angle was set to 0. Any ideas as to why?

No Gradient With Gradient - left to right


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I was using the live paint bucket to fill with the gradient and attempting to interacting with the gradient tool but that was wrong.

You have to select the area in the live paint object using the "Live Paint Selection Tool"Live Paint Tools

Then you can use the gradient tool to change the angle of the gradient.

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