it used to be that I was able to extract all assets from a layer in a PSD, by right-clicking that layer in Photoshop and choosing "Extract Assets". This would bring up a view showing all the assets in that layer, and let me configure certain aspects of the process, such as what file type i would like the extracted assets to be, the asset resolutions, etc. I would then click extract, and get all the different assets from that layer in one nice folder, on my desktop.

Now, however, when I right-click a layer and click "extract assets", i get the same window, showing all the assets being extracted, but, and this is a big but, unfortunately only showing the entire layer as the only asset, in png format, or whatever i chose as the format for the assets.

How can i get back to extracting each individual asset within a layer, using the extract assets method?



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Aha, so, it seems, right-clicking the layer and selecting un-group layers fixed this. Not sure why it worked before for me though, maybe I had only been working with un-grouped layers.

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    If you select child layers in a layer group and right click on those layers you will be able to get uncomposed assets. Currently clicking on 'Extract Assets' in a layer group will create a single image asset. Dec 11, 2014 at 3:30

I think you have misunderstanding about layer and smart object layer...I guess your question is how to extract all the different elements of a smart object...

Here is how i do it...I make a group of all the elements in a button for example...Then if you want to extract the whole button then rename the group to btn.png and if you want its background separated then extend their name with .png

how to extract assets from group and layers


If you add a file extention to the layers you want to extract, you get the separate layers when you use 'extract assets'.


enter image description here


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