I need to import Excel tables into InDesign CS6.

In order to get the text to be visible (no red dots indicating hidden text), I have to change the top and bottom Cell Insets within InDesign to zero since they are set on 1,411mm by default (see picture attached).


I've created a cell style to remove the inset. However, because I have a large amount of tables, setting the cell style manually is a problem.

Is there a way to set these cell styles as defaults or to have the Excel import recognize the cell style upon import?

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Set up a Cell Style with the options you want, if you don't already have one created....

enter image description here

Then Double click the default [Basic Table] Style in that panel. Set the appropriate rows to use your Cell Style:

enter image description here

Then when you import the Excel table, be certain to check the Import Options item and set the import to use the Basic Table style.

enter image description here

Caveat: In many cases it's best to not rely on "default" styles because doing so may result in changes later you do not intend. Ideally you would create a new table style which uses your Cell Style, then tell the imported Excel document to use that unique style.

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