Could someone recommend me an easy to use tool for greying-out some images (icons) ?. In an Android application I am doing I have a set of full color icons that I want to use in a tab bar, but I want only the icon at the selected tab to be in color, and the other ones should be shown greyed-out. Then I am looking for an easy way to generate the greyed-out icons from the color ones. Thanks for any help !


Any decent image editor will have a desaturate/convert to greyscale command or a Hue/Saturation/Value editor that lets you do this.


I recommend the Android Asset Studio.

You basically just upload your images and it generates the proper icons for you. It provides a lot of configuration options and all possible types of icons you need.

  • Thanks for your answer @Octavian Damiean. Apparently Android Asset Studio now is part of the Eclipse plugin. I have been playing with it for a while trying to grey-out one image without success. Strangely enough the tool generates a picture with the same shape of my original png image, but all its content is just white. This is for the selected tab image. For the unselected tab image I have a similar situation, a picture with the same shape but all in grey. Do you know why is that and how I could fix it ?
    – Sergio
    Jan 28 '12 at 23:44

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