I'm trying to export my custom brush library in Illustrator from one device on CC to another in a remote location. This seems to depend on having your brush library appear in the libraries panel, but mine doesn't.

Has anyone done this successfully? I appreciate any advice.


+Finn Bartel, yes it is very Possible. This is how I do it on A PC in two steps.

Saving the Library:

  • Create your custom brush and, from the bottom left corner of the library panel is a library icon, click on it to open a contextual menu that displays a list of brushes. But you realize the first option is Save Brush.
  • On clicking SaveAs prompts you to save to the temporary/roaming location where illustrator keeps it data

C:\Users\YourLoginAccountName\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator 17 Settings\en_US\x64\Brushes

  • I advise you to save it in some project workspace folder say Project X Brushes.
  • Copy that file using your explorer, navigate to the brushes preset folder and paste it there, mine is at..

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CC (64 Bit)\Presets\en_US\Brushes

Where C is the installation drive. Note that you sometimes need administrator privileges to save under C:\Program Files. That way your custom brush will show up in the Library. Also Note (You can group many libraries in a folder too within the Brushes folder)

Transferring the Library to the remote device:

  • Just copy this file to the equivalent location on that remote computer

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CC (64 Bit)\Presets\en_US\Brushes

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