I have a dashed line in Inkscape. I want to change this so each dash is a separate object. How do I do that? The operation is similar to this one in Adobe Illustrator. I'm trying to do the same thing with Inkscape.

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There are two ways I can think to do this:

  • Convert the stroke to a path and then break it apart.
  • Create a duplicate path and use it to cut up another

Converting stroke to path

  1. Select the path.
  2. On the Path menu, click Stroke to Path
  3. With the path still selected, on the Path menu, click Break Apart

This will essentially create small rectangles rather than signular 2-node paths.

Using a path to cut another

If you need two-node paths, do the following.

  1. Select the path.
  2. Change the path to solid stroke (not dashes)
  3. On the Edit menu, click Duplicate.
    This will create a duplicate path on top of the existing path.
  4. Select the top path only
  5. Change the stroke to dashes
  6. With the top path still selected, on the Path menu, click Stroke to Path
  7. Select both paths.
  8. On the Path menu, click Cut Path.

You will now have one path, but you'll have nodes where the dashes were. You'll need to use the Node Tool F2to individually select and delete segments between nodes to create the dashes.


Inkscape also includes an extension which converts dash patterns into sub-paths:

These sub-paths can then be split into individual paths with Path > Break apart if needed.

The advantage over Stroke to Path and Break apart: it does not outline the stroke - the geometry of the (sub-)paths is still defined by their center-line.

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