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How to save a file in photoshop that is supposed to be displayed on a web site? [duplicate]

I just have made an ad banner in photoshop (width 1000px, height 250px) and sent it to the developer, but after an hour he said that the file that I have sent to him opens very slowly because it ...
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Which format is better for saving images intended for websites; PNG or SVG?

When exporting / saving images with a transparent background that are intended for websites, should I save it as PNG or SVG? Why?
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Saving Animated GIF With Transparency (Photoshop)

I am trying to save an animated GIF, but for some reason areas that are more transparent than others (e.g. the grey shadow) don't come out with opacity, they become fully grey when saved. When I save ...
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What is the difference between PNG and PNG8?

I was wondering what is the difference between PNG and PNG8? Is there any difference between PNG and PNG8 in image quality? Why would I want to use PNG8 over PNG and vice versa? Lets say I draw an ...
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What file type should hd wallpapers be saved as?

What file type should hd wallpapers be saved as? For example, a 2560 x 1440 or larger wallpaper should be saved in what file type in order to optimize quality vs file size?
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Which raster image format is better for digitally displaying images when there is no transparency; JPEG or PNG?

I'm trying to determine which format is better to use when there is no transparency in an image. More importantly though, I'm trying to figure out when it's better to use one over the other. From ...
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File size increases with resolution when exporting to PNG

Whenever I am trying to increase the resolution of the logo I am exporting from Illustrator the file size gets increased automatically, I would like to know if I could increase the resolution while ...
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From jpg to png with similar size

I have a jpg that it has 414 KB. For different reasons I need it to be png. I tried to export it to png and then it is 2.1 MB. Is there a way to export from jpg to png with similar size and similar ...
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Logo formats for a web site and digital photographs and using for print [duplicate]

Someone is designing a logo for me. I need to use it for a web site, as a watermark on digital photograph as well for printing on photos, business cards, etc. What formats should I confirm for all ...
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What type of formats/settings should I use in Illustrator?

I have a series of graphics that I got produced by a graphic designer for my website and I am wondering what format/settings i should use when converting the .ai files into JPEG, PNG, GIF files. I ...
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Saving image files with maximum compatibility for different displays?

There's a website I'm working on where students can read their textbooks online, page by page using an implemented PDF viewer. But I've noticed that this doesn't look particularly great on different ...
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How to make image with blank backround

When the backround is erased in photoshop how can i save the picture without backround, because if i save it with no backround later the image is with white backround.?
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What image file type should I use if I can't do vector based images?

I am creating a logo in Photoshop and I am going to use it for the blog site I am trying to develop. I plan to make the website responsive. I think I should use .png, but I don't know if that is the ...
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Which image format to use for IMPORTED images while creating web design assets

Very basic questions, but I still do not have a clear understanding on it. Let's say that I need to create web assets (banners, social media posts, etc.) and I need to import product pictures and ...
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