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Canva: How to color specific part of the element

I have this very basic design for letter. I'm trying to find the way to color the part of the feather that overlaps the inner white body a different color. I tried duplicating the feather and crop to ...
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How to create an interactive pdf outside of InDesign

I need to create a newsletter template that is easy to use (it will be used by someone with no InDesign experience) and needs to support hyperlinks within the document and to external sources. So far ...
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Gradient between two custom colours on canva?

To create a gradient between two colours on canva Enter "Gradient" on the search bar, and click on any of the results. To edit the gradient colour, click the colour tile on the toolbar ...
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I'm trying to open a Canva print-ready pdf in Adobe Illustrator and/or Photoshop. Illustrator doesn't even see the pdf, much less let me open it

I needed to do a simple, quick illustration for a customer so I used Canva (if you're a purist, I apologize, but in this case it was the way to go). I then downloaded the finished file as a print ...
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Is it possible to import my own SVG into Canva

I'm trying to figure out a way how to import my own vector SVG graphic to Canva. I've tried numerous tutorials on creating SVG files from Adobe Illustrator, I've tried numerous Ai to SVG convertors, ...
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Doing website for a client but logo is not good quality

I'm doing a website for a client and they provided me the logos but, the logos all have a white background which I've tried to remove but I cannot. I use Canva to adjust the logos. The logos are ...
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How to do knockout text effect in canva?

How to do knockout text effect in canva? I've tried to search for a tutorial in youtube but was unable to find anything.
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Is there a way to slightly reduce my PNG file size without much loss? Easiest way to optimize perhaps?

I am using CANVA software which only allows files up to 25 mb and my png's are over 30. I don't want to compress all the way down to JPG. I'd like to keep as much detail as possible.
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Is Canva "true" graphic design?

I'm brand-new to graphic design and this website; I hear graphic design is a nice field for those who want to be creative, but want to get some good freelance experience before I would go for a GD ...