I am trying to do a basic walk cycle in Animate using classic tweens. For the most part, it works. However, when I try to tween the character's muzzle (it just goes up and down with the walk), I get the following message:

"The selected frame span(s) cannot be tweened. You must convert frame content to a symbol in order to tween. Do you want to convert and create a tween?"

The muzzle is already a symbol, however. And just to "humor" Animate, I click "OK" after that message, and it converts it to a symbol (a symbol within a symbol, I guess). And two weird things happen:

  1. The boundaries for the new symbol are suddenly larger than before.
  2. When I create the tween, the muzzle moves side to side instead of up and down-- despite the fact that I never placed a keyframe of the muzzle off to the side!

Any insights?

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As a shot in the dark I erased in areas surrounding the symbol. Then I tried the classic tween again and it worked. So the issue was some microscopic mark that was still there. Answered my own question!

  • I have the same issue. Can you explain it clearly if possible? May 12, 2021 at 17:20
  • You cannot tween more than one object on the same layer. You need to erase any stray marks. If it's more than one symbol, put it on a different layer.
    – julie1013
    May 12, 2021 at 21:03

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