First time posting after trying to figure out a solution that would save me time with a project I'm doing. I Have this idea of using a CSV document to generate colour patches needed for another program. being a designer I don't have much experience with scripts or programming except the basic java.

The program I want to make needs to do as follows : Collum 1 - Filename to save. Collum 3 - file identifier to save. Example of this is :

Name | id | Type

|dave | 1 | Default

Output would be Dave_Default.png

Next id need it to read the values of columns 4,5,6 as rgb values : Example :

Name | id | Type | R | G | B |

| dave | 1 | Default |187|112|0 |

then take those values and generate a 10 x 10-pixel block in that colour value. Save the 10x10px square as a .png with the file name as stated before then move on to the next one on the rows.

End result is : Dave_Default.png - Colour png swatch

I'm sure this is a lot to ask but any help would be amazing as it would save hours and hours of work manually inputting the RGB values into photoshop and exporting a png one at a time.

Thanks in advance.

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Scripting is relatively simple in Photoshop and you can easily scrap bits of code from google. Obviously any proficiency in Javascript would save you a lot of time, so I'd recommend to spend an hour and take a course on basics of JS on any code learning web academy.

Next you'll need to read your csv: the first google link will show you how.

From this file you'll get a bunch of strings, say dave,1,Default,187,112,0, so you'll make an array of them first with string.split(','). This will give you an array [dave,1,Default,187,112,0] so you could access the color values as arr[3], arr[4] and arr[5]. Voilà — you have a bunch of data to work with.

Next for each data string you'll need to create a new document. Let's see what Photoshop Scripting Guide says about this: it seems like there's exactly what you need on page 104: documents (a collection of opened documents) has a method .add, so you can do documents.add(new UnitValue(10, 'px'),new UnitValue(10, 'px'));

Now you'll want to fill it with color. First you need to set a color to fill with, there's a SolidColor object in Photoshop to contain color information and .fill() method of selection object to fill a selection with color. So you first define the color, select all, fill with color. And you can use the values you have already for this:

var newColor = new SolidColor;
newColor.rgb.red = arr[3];
newColor.rgb.green = arr[4];
newColor.rgb.blue = arr[5];

Almost done, you only need to save the file. Once again, google to the rescue.

And that's it.

  • You Legend ! Thanks my google fu was not so strong today ! Jul 19, 2019 at 14:23

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