My paintbrush tool on Gimp has recently started to act up to the point where it’s frustrating to use. I have reinstalled the program but it did not resolve the problem. I checked to see if it was a sensitivity issue with my tablet but no dice; it will shrink and grow my strokes with both my mouse and my computer’s touch screen, and I can’t figure out what I did.

enter image description here

The picture I’ve provided are my attempts to figure out what I’ve done. they are with both my laptop’s touch screen and my touch pad. It is doing this with all of my brushes including my eraser.

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Usually this happens because you are using Brush Dynamics (which unfortunately are off-screen in the Tool options dialog in your screenshot, but it looks like the Speed size opacity one). Make sure your Brush Dynamics are set to Dynamics off (or whatever you explicitly selected):

enter image description here

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