Does there exist a font for all 149,186 characters in Unicode such that every character, or symbol, in the font has the same width as any other character?

It is very difficult to write python scripts in a mixture of English and georgian script without using a font where every letter has the same width as all other letters.

# დაბეჭდეთ იგი ახლავე ქაღალდზე
print("  " + "the thing" + "  ".strip())
print("  " + "ნივთი" + "  ".strip())
# ლ(╹◡╹ლ) )

The example, does not show it, but indentation is critical for making computer code readable.

# for any two words `kidw` and `adultw`
∀ `kidw`, `adultw` ∈ 𝕎𝕊
    # word `kidw` is simpler than word `adultw`
    `kidw` ≺ `adultw`
        ⟺ # if and only if 
    group (
        the set of people who understand `adultw`
            is a subset of ⊆
        the set of people who understand `kidw`

# Example:
#     "glue" is a simpler English word than "adhesive"
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    There is always the option of making your own font to match your exact needs. It is suprisingly hard to find a font when you have exacting niche requirements. Also before you say it, yes making a font is a lot of work... But mainly because of kerning. Monotype fonts dont have that so you save yourself 90% of the work.
    – joojaa
    Jun 6 at 5:28

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Too much for a comment, not definitive enough for a true answer;)
The three fonts I know of that are reasonably comprehensive are Deja Vu, Arial & Noto. Each of these has a monospace variation.
Late edit - Doing some limited testing, it would appear of these only Deja Vu has Georgian in monospace.

Apple's Menlo also covers most of Georgian - it's the default mono font & I can see [but not read;) all the monospace text on this page.
I'm not really sure how to test all this properly, outside of Apple's own ecosystem, but this is what I have access to - with fonts & variations on my own Mac…

enter image description here

The first alternative is Ariel. All the others are Deja Vu. I don't have Noto installed.
This is how I see the code block from above - using Apple's default Menlo

enter image description here


Ouch, not an easy one. Not a lot of fonts support Georgian. ParaType's version of the Courier family says it supports Georgian, also the Mac system font Menlo says it does. Am not qualified to test this, though.

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