This question most definitely deserves to be asked directly to my printer but since they're currently on leave for the week, figured I'd give it a shot here to get a general idea on how I should approach my design.

I'm getting a text printed and want to add a debossed detail in the existing printed word spaces. It's a small run of 500 cards at the most. Quick and dirty example:


So it's a limited space and could easily look off center. On average, what kind of precision range should I expect? 0.5 point? 2 points? 1/16 inch? More?

  • I think this has to be asked of the printer. Each print provider will have a different tolerance based on their set up. Guessing... in general I'd say a standard trap amount, 0.25pt or 0.5pt maybe. But some quick printers will push that to 1pt or larger. – Scott Jul 25 '14 at 15:53
  • It will be asked. I'm mostly wondering if there's a standard. – curious Jul 25 '14 at 15:55

There's not a standard as such Emilie, it is entirely dependant on your printer due to the equipment at use and the hand using it. Here is a general guide:

Note: All measurements are in inches.

Tolerances to Remember

Minimum embossing width – .040 through .010 substrates. Thicker substrates may require adjusting.

Maximum height of emboss – 2.5 times the material thickness.

Height tolerance – plus/minus .005

Registration – plus/minus .015 (registration to graphic image.)

Minimum distance between embossed areas – .050

Taken from: http://www.ppsinc.com/detailedembossing~20

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