This is my first serious client and their first design experience. I am designing a Logo and a business card for them. We haven't discussed price yet and I haven't started on their design either, so i'm wondering when I should charge them? Before I begin or after?

Also, How should I charge them if it's the first design experience for the both of us? More specifically , should I charge them based on the time it takes to design or a flat fee?


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For a first-time client, that you don't know and who doesn't know you, it is reasonable to request a down payment up front before any work is done which is a percentage of the total price for the project. You can request additional partial payment at pre-determined milestones along the way as well (such as delivery of first draft). Final files are not delivered (or rights/licenses granted) until after final and complete payment has been made.

All of this should be worked out before you do any work in your written contract.

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