Here it says I can't use snap to grid and smart guides at the same time:

Note: When Snap To Grid or Pixel Preview is turned on, you cannot use Smart Guides (even if the menu command is selected).

Now if I want to place an object at a different position to any smart guides, how can I assure that it is placed on "even" coordinates. Can I maybe add smart guides for every 80px vertically and horizontally? It bugs me that I have to manually adjust it afterwards all the time e.g. because it placed the object 0.002px too far to the right.

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  1. Create a rectangle that surrounds the area where you want the guides.
  2. Select rectangle and go to Object -> Path -> Split Into Grid ...
  3. Set 80px for width and height and click OK.
  4. Go to View -> Guides -> Make Guides

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