I select the rotate tool and click a layer that contains an image. I see a selection around the image. Not sure why and how to remove it. I rotate the layer. The rotated image is clipped against the selection, which means the rotated corners are cut off.

How do I rotate a layer without having it clipped against the selection?

I've tried all the different 'clipping' values in the tools menu. They all end up cropping the rotated image.


Do this:

Use the rotate tool. The canvas clips the image. But the image is now bigger than the canvas - the yellow dotted line shows the layer boundary.

Click Image > Fit Canvas to Layers, and the canvas expands to fit the rotated layer.

enter image description here


What you need is Clipping: adjust. However this resizes the layer but not the canvas, so if you start with a layer which is as big as the canvas, you may also need to use Image>Fit canvas to layers.

Unlike the paint tools, the Transform tools do not behave the same with a full selection or with no selection. To remove the selection, use Select>None.


I know this is an old post but I ran into this issue as well and for me doing a Select->None allowed the layer to rotate without clipping. Gimp looks to have auto-resized the layer with nothing selected.

  • For me (GIMP version 2.8.2), said "Select->None" option is greyed out...
    – Digger
    Jun 6 '18 at 20:10

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