I'm trying to turn this into a shape that will have one solid color as a fill, but object-> path -> join isn't working when I try to connect the final line (on the left) to complete the shape. Any thoughts? enter image description here

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    Have you tried selecting just two points at a time and joining them one set at a time?
    – Vicki
    Jan 4, 2017 at 6:15

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I'm guessing the zig zag was created with the Effect?

You'll need to expand the effect first (Object > Expand and just tick the Object option).

Then you may need to ungroup the zig zags (Object > Ungroup).

Then you'll have just normal paths... which you can join easily.

Note the reason you need to expand the object is, failing to do so means the zig zag effect will also apply to any connected paths. So, if you want straight paths connected to zig zag paths, they have to be expanded first to "bake in" the effect.


I see the path broken in 2 places on the left. The way to join them is: Zoom way in to the endpoints you are trying to connect. Move 1 endpoint directly onto or as close to the other as you can. (You can move 1 endpoint with the white arrow tool) Select both endpoints with the white arrow and hit Object/Path/Join. In short, Illustrator won't join them if they aren't close enough.

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