I have these rectangles placed at different places on the file to indicate bus stands. I want to now replace each one of these rectangles with a bus symbol.

How do I do that without dragging the symbol to each place, deleting the rectangle, and making sure that the symbol is in the "bus stand" sub layer?


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There is a great script that does exactly what you want.

It was written by @Loic Aigon, it's called SymbolReplacement and will cost you only a Thank you Email ^^

enter image description here


You really can't.

There's no internal method of replacing an object with any other object, symbol or otherwise. The only "replacement" features in Illustrator relate to replacing symbols with other symbols or replacing linked assets.

So.. a round about way.....

Drag each Rectangle to the Symbols Panel to make them a symbol. Then use the Replace option in the Control Bar to replace the rectangle symbol with another symbol. Then you could delete the rectangle symbol if you'd like.

enter image description here

I'm not really sure that method is any better than....

Drag the bus symbol from the Symbols Panel, and then use the existing rectangle as a Key Object for alignment. Then delete the rectangle.

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