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Tips on bulk/batch producing 3D product models with labels

I want to make a lot of "product photos" by making a 3D model with a label and then rendering it. I know the basics of making a 3D model in Photoshop and rendering it Dimension with a decal/...
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Placing texture in the right place on the object

I have been stuck with .c4d I got from another designer. On a "stand up pouch" packaging (here on example), I am stuck with a kind of spherical projection, and can't find the right way to &...
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Apply custom modifications to the model in 3D software and export the TGA

My problem might not be quite clear from the title so it needs some further explanation here. I'm not limited to using Adobe Dimension that's just one piece of the software I'm trying out. What I want ...
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By which software these product photos were created?

I am beginner in designing field and want to learn how these product photos were designed? Which software is used to create these types of product images? If I have white background photos like this ...
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Dimension of jpg reduces when open in Illustrator

I am learning Adobe Illustrator and have a problem: the attached sample picture dimension is 524x449. I checked it by look at the attributes in Windows, and open it in Paint. when I opened it in AI ...
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Adobe Dimension: Image (decal) on model cannot place across corners?

Why is this happening, how can I wrap the image correctly around the corner?
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