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How can you extract a vector from a bitmap image?

I am not very good at Photoshop; however, my goal is to "extract" black lines from each forest as you can see here. My supervisor would like me to update them in GIS (Geographic Information ...
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How to extract the x and y positions of several circles on an illustrator file [closed]

Someone would have already used a code with power shell to extract the x and y positions in text file of different circles of the same illustrator file ? I tried with different codes found on this ...
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Are text variables and associated automation possible in Figma?

I've been using Figma for everything design-related. Is there an automated way for generating certificates that get names from an (MS Excel) database?
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Photoshop - Extract fine text from image; extrapolate background behind text

I'll note outright that I'm new to Photoshop and that this may be a bigger question than I realize, but I appreciate any guidance. I've taken a scan of a water-damaged dust jacket for a book which I ...
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What software do you recommend for data visualization and graphing?

I've been doing some graphs in excel for academic purposes, but I've ran into 2 main problems: Excel doesn't have all the features I need Designing graphs in excel is a pain in the ass So I'm ...
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Variables and Data Sets in Adobe Illustrator

I've created a document with around 50 Art Boards. I've added a Data Set which is just updating ONE art board. My questions is, can I get the Data Set to work across ALL the art boards. OR - can ...
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Is there a tool to extract the primarily used colors in a picture?

I was wondering if there is a tool that can identify all primarily used colors in a picture and show me a list or color code?
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Extracting vertex data of a 3D Model using 3D Modelling software

I know the title might sound a bit confusing but there is method in my madness. Firstly, the type of data i'm trying to extract is every position and angle of every vertex used to form the 3D Model ...
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