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For questions about images in Google's WebP format.

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How to detect whether webp image is lossless or lossy?

When I see a JPG file, I know for sure this file is lossy. When I see a PNG file, I know for sure it is lossless. But WebP is a different thing, it supports both lossless and lossy "modes", ...
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1 answer

In Photoshop - how to Export As webP format in different scales

Until today, when I wanted to export image in few scales I would: File -> Export -> Export As -> then add the sizes I want and select the format (png, jpg, etc..) and click Export All Now I ...
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1 answer

Which tool to convert webp to gif using adobe suite

Which adobe product can I use to convert webp files to gif? I've tried opening a webp file with both premeier and phososhop but neither recognize the file type. There are free online tools but I would ...
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How to work with this peculiar kind of JPEG? (Invalid JPEG marker type)

Today I was reading an article online and while looking at the photo accompanying it I noticed some chromatic aberration that I found interesting (wanted to figure out if it was a camera artifact or ...
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