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For questions about images in Google's WebP format.

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Will converting a PSD to WebP using an online make it lose clarity?

I asked for .webp format banner for our website. Our agency sent a PSD file and they told me to convert it to whatever format I want. If we convert the PSD to WebP using an online conversion tool, ...
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How to create an animated WebP using WebPShop?

In the README for WebPShop (a Photoshop plugin for saving WebP files) there is mention of a method for creating animated WebP files, but the method for producing such files is not described in detail. ...
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Are recommendations to convert photo color profiles from ProPhoto RGB to sRGB for the web outdated?

I’ve read several articles that recommend converting all photo color profiles from ProPhoto RGB to sRGB for the web, but these articles are several years old. Now that JPG, PNG, and WebP formats all ...
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How to detect whether webp image is lossless or lossy?

When I see a JPG file, I know for sure this file is lossy. When I see a PNG file, I know for sure it is lossless. But WebP is a different thing, it supports both lossless and lossy "modes", ...
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In Photoshop - how to Export As webP format in different scales

Until today, when I wanted to export image in few scales I would: File -> Export -> Export As -> then add the sizes I want and select the format (png, jpg, etc..) and click Export All Now I ...
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Which tool to convert webp to gif using adobe suite

Which adobe product can I use to convert webp files to gif? I've tried opening a webp file with both premeier and phososhop but neither recognize the file type. There are free online tools but I would ...
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How to work with this peculiar kind of JPEG? (Invalid JPEG marker type)

Today I was reading an article online and while looking at the photo accompanying it I noticed some chromatic aberration that I found interesting (wanted to figure out if it was a camera artifact or ...
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