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Questions tagged [jpeg]

For questions about files with .jpg or .jpeg extension, or utilizing JPEG compression.

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0 answers

Generate high resolution JPEG artifacts

I'm working on generating JPEG DCT artifacts from a high-resolution random noise texture. Due to the large size of the original image (4243x6000 pixels), I'm providing a screenshot for reference. ...
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How many colors in YCbCr JPEG under common conditions 3x8bits?

Aproximayly 1/3 volume of a cube is at this picture from wikipedia So does YCbCr JPEG have aproximayly 2^(3*8)/3 = 5 592 405 colors? Also coefficients KR+KG+KB=1 are used for converting YCbCr to RGB. ...
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How to set up and export illustrator file for a huge digital billboard?

photos are much bigger than the pixels artboard and need the finale saved jpeg to be 1MB. When setting up illustrator file for a huge digital billboard what the best way to save and export the file?
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3 answers

Is it better to make a GIF out of a JPG or PNG?

I started with two PNGs. Their sizes were 296 KB and 222 KB. Then I converted the two PNGs to JPGs using Paint 3D, and their sizes were reduced to 189 KB and 164 KB. I made animated GIFs out of both ...
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3 votes
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If I have a .gif and a .png file, can I compare them to see if they are same image?

If I have a .gif and a .png file, can I compare them to see if they represent the same image? For example, let's say I have a .jpeg and I convert it to .gif and .png x.jpeg ---> x.gif \ ...
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1 answer

Does .jfif image deteriorate in quality if converted to .jpg?

.jfif seems to be the image format of choice of some social media platforms. If you download a .jfif image, and convert it to .jpeg, is any quality lost from the file format conversion?
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1 answer

Turn off Anti-Aliasing in Illustrator in SVG file with embedded image

I placed in Illustrator file a raster image (image with sharp edges as a layer from PSD) and save it as SVG. When I open it in Chrome or Firefox the image looks compressed with anti-aliased edges. In ...
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2 votes
1 answer

How to add number to every .jpg book page?

I have around 400 .jpg images of book pages, and they are not numbered. They are already numbered in the filenames e.g. "8_9.jpg", "9_10.jpg" and so on. I would like to automate ...
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I have a transparent jpeg? I'm confused

Not sure if this is the right place as I'm new to Stack Exchange but I was messing around with a discord bot that had a Minecraft texture tiling feature and I got 2 transparent jpeg files from it. I'm ...
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1 answer

Best way to crop these planks into individual layers, and export them all as separate JPEG files with no white around the edges?

I'm looking for a good workflow in dealing with a document like this. The files need to be JPEG, but I also can't have any white around the planks. Is there a smart way to select and separate each ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Directly save a jpg after cropping without jpeg option panel

I have a jpeg image in Adobe Photoshop. If I only crop it, it cannot be saved directly (Delete Cropped Pixels checked). There was a jpeg option panel opened to let me choose quality, etc. It is ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Multitone-duotone conversion to RGB

I'm using photoshop and I want to export some multitone-duotone file (.psb) to rgb jpeg. But I cannot convert it from Multitone to RGB without a radical change in my colors. (see the image below) I ...
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How to open JPEG2000 files in Photoshop 2021

I used to have a plugin in photoshop that reads jp2 / JPEG2000 files. Since the latest update it seems to be broken. Photoshop can not read them anymore. It says the file format module can not ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Is there a way to compress the TIFF format file in Photoshop?

Is there any way, we can decrease the size of TIFF image without losing the quality? I am working on a TIFF image in Photoshop, and it's actually taking a lifetime to open and share the file. Is there ...
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1 answer

Help me Describe Why this Happens to my Client

I am having issues with my colleague opening my designs and telling me they are appearing too big or too small. This banner I actually created in Canva because I will have to create it for every brand ...
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2 answers

File size of a JPEG is abnormally big. 39 MBs for 512x512px with Solid color

I am working on an, which came to me from a client, which when I was saving as JPEG resulted in a very big file 40 MBs for 1024x1024px. I tried bringing down the resolution, cranking down the quality, ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Scribus export to PDF results in a large file size (compared to the included JPEG)

I am trying to add a JPEG image to a Scribus document, and then to export it as PDF; the file size of the resulting PDF should not be much higher. I just added a frame for an image, loaded the JPEG ...
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How to work with this peculiar kind of JPEG? (Invalid JPEG marker type)

Today I was reading an article online and while looking at the photo accompanying it I noticed some chromatic aberration that I found interesting (wanted to figure out if it was a camera artifact or ...
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4 answers

How to crop a JPEG without recompressing?

Is it possible to crop a JPEG image without losing quality or recompressing the remaining part of the image?
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